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Local Movers in NYC

If you’re planning a move, you’ll want to find the best local movers to save time and money. While it’s possible to rent a truck and move on your own, hiring professional NYC movers will likely result in a quicker, safer move with less hassle. Whether you’re moving within the same neighborhood or across town, here are some tips to help you choose the right local movers for your move.

The type of move you need – local, intrastate or interstate – directly impacts your choice of local movers. Some companies specialize in local moves, while others offer full-service moving packages for long-distance or international moves. Regardless of the type of move you need, be sure to check each company’s credentials, including their U.S. Department of Transportation number or state-specific licenses, to ensure they are a legitimate moving company.

When searching for a local mover, make sure to get quotes from multiple companies. Compare the breakdown of charges and services provided, as well as any extra fees to determine if you are getting the best value for your money. Also, be wary of any quotes that seem too good to be true; they usually are.

In addition to moving services, some local movers may offer additional options such as junk removal, packing supplies, custom crating for fragile or specialty items, and electronics installation and setup. Some also offer cleaning services, which can be helpful for new homeowners who need a hand with unpacking and settling in.

Many local movers are flexible in terms of what they charge for their services. Some offer flat rates for local moves, while others charge by the hour. To get the best rate, you should plan your move during a non-peak season such as midweek. In addition, it’s wise to avoid moving on or around holidays as prices tend to be higher then.

Lastly, you should ask each local mover about their pricing policies. Some companies will add additional charges for stair climbing, long carry distances, elevator fees and fuel surcharges. Other companies may have a set minimum job cost. If you’re unsure of what your move will cost, inquire about any hidden fees and get a written estimate before you sign any contracts.

If you’re a DIYer, consider renting one of the popular portable storage containers offered by 1-800-PACK-RAT or PODS for your local move. These steel containers with barn-style doors are ideal for storing your stuff while keeping it safe from weather and pests. Once you’re finished loading your container, they’ll pick it up and take it to a secure storage facility near you. Then, when you’re ready to move it again, they’ll drop it off at your new house or apartment. If you’re unsure of which portable storage container is best for your local move, be sure to visit both 1-800-PACK-RAT and PODS locations in person to see the size and features of each container firsthand.

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